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The Ladies of Elite Energetics Massage Therapy

Karen Wright

Karen has a passion for understanding the mind and body.  She is a master massage therapist of 22 years performing over 40,000 massages.  She was a trainer for the Ritz-Carlton and knows how to listen to the client as well as the body to deliver the results that are needed.  She utilizes her vast knowledge of multiple modalities; Ashiatsu, neuromuscular, myo-fascial release, craniosacral, Gua Sha, cupping, and warm bamboo to relieve the pain in the body and stress in the mind.  Karen is also a Reiki Master and yoga instructor.  A massage with Karen is a journey to health.  After multiple concussions, she welcomes anyone who has head trauma.  It is an art many don’t understand.

Brenna Sellman

Brenna is fascinated with the body’s natural healing ability. Her background includes a doctorate in physical therapy with specialty training in John Barnes’ myofascial release. This allows her to mix her knowledge of the physical body with the energy body to decrease pain and promote healing. By engaging the fascial system, Brenna is not only able to release physical tightness, but also stuck emotions, for optimal wellness. Her special interests include addressing neck or jaw pain, as well as providing abdominal releases to increase digestion and aid in gut health. A session with Brenna is a powerful time to regulate your nervous system and restore the essence of you. It is truly work from the soul. 

Elite Energetics

Massage Prices:
30 minutes= $75
60 minutes= $125
90 minutes= $175


Steve Valley has been practicing Yang style Tai Chi Chuan for over 24 years.  He has studied the Yang Long Form, I-Chuan, Qi-Gong, and internal energy cultivation, with his teacher in California. You are invited to come have fun while improving your health.  Students taking Tai Chi will improve their health through gentle, relaxing, calming movement.  The benefits of regular Tai Chi Practice include, but are not limited to…, improved balance, improved lung and cardio vascular function, strengthens the body WITHOUT physical stress, strengthens the immune system, slows aging through rejuvenation(breath work), fights osteoarthritis, calms and sharpens the mind, improves posture, and clears negative emotions.

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