Pause ♡ Breathe ♡ Proceed

Elite Energetics started as a massage practice but through the years I realized there is so much more to health.  Humans are an elite and complex energy system.  I proceeded to become a Yoga teacher and a Reiki master. 


I then asked what is next?  Three words Pause Breathe Proceed came into my heart.  These three words will simply bring your attention to the present moment.  Once you understand how the mind works and embrace this three step process you will be on your way to creating the life you choose.

Another passion I have is microbiome or gut health.  All health begins in the gut.  It is where your emotions, intuition and immune system resides.  The gut communicates with the brain via the vegus nerve.  I have discovered a way to clean out the toxins out of my microbiome.  I lost the toxic bulge around my belly, I have clarity of mind, energy to thrive each day, no gut pain, and so much more.  I want everyone to feel as amazing as I do now.

I am a student of life fascinated by neuroscience, quantum physics, energy, the systems of the body, breath, and the list goes on.  My goal is to make a positive impact on the world and leave a legacy of health, happiness, and love.  I hope to meet you someday.




The root of all health

is in the energy that flows through the body,

your job is to understand it

The trunk and branches are

the physical body,

your job is to take care of it

The flower of health blooms when positive energy flows smoothly through all systems